Yesterday was a very interesting day in the world of TransFormers.  Hasbro had announced that they were taking a fan vote on which should be the next Titan-class figure released as part of the Titans Return line after the Fortress Maximum figure they’ve previewed for February release as part of Titan Wars.  The three options, highlighted above, were Trypticon, Omega Supreme, and Scorponok.

I did not vote in this poll though I certainly had the opportunity and didn’t feel that I was opening myself up to spam messages or the like.  The main reason I was unable to vote in the poll was that I was completely unable to decide which of the three characters I prefer.  First world problem to be sure but I genuinely like all three characters and can see reasons that all three should be eventually produced.

Typticon in his original form has recently been reissued and is available from all the usual suspects.  I haven’t been able to pick up this figure but it’s certainly on my wish list.  I have never owned it previously but I remember spending my days playing with a childhood friend.  He actually had all of the city-based figures at the time and going over there to play was always a treat.  The prospect of a new Titan-class figure, meaning it would likely be in the 20″-22″ range and crafted using much newer techniques and designs, is an appealing one.  Especially considering there’s never been another figure of Trypticon after the G1 release even though he did appear in the War for Cybertron game as a boss.  If you also consider the fact that Trypticon has been Metroplex’s nemesis since they were both first introduced and Metroplex was the first Titan-class figure it makes a certain sense.

Omega Supreme has been released in several forms though to me his original G1 release was probably one of the least inspired.  He’s had reissues and a newer incarnation in TransFormers: Energon where he could merge with Optimus Prime to form Optimus Supreme.  I would be interested in seeing how this figure would be represented as his original G1 form consisting of a military style base complete with rocket and tank was completely different than his Energon form consisting of a futuristic train.  Some of the third party versions of him have been loosely based on his G1 form and have been very impressive looking so I’d like to think that a new version of him would follow somewhat in that mold.  While this is the figure I’m least interested in, I’d still love for it to be created and I have no illusions about the fact that I would purchase it likely upon release.

Scorponok probably has the most varied history.  He came out reasonably late in the G1 line and was a Headmaster but was generally easier to find and purchase than the G1 Fortress Maximus.  He’s another figure I’ve played with back in the day but never have owned myself in his G1 form.  Scorponok has never had a G1 reissue but has had many different versions though none of them transformed into a city.  The first release was in Beast Wars, which isn’t terribly surprising given that the other standard form for Scorponok is a scorpion.  He wasn’t terribly bright in his series and tended to be more comic relief than a serious threat.  He also reappeared during the Unicron Trilogy with figures being released during Energon and Cybertron.  Most recently he appeared in the first live action movie and while he didn’t transform in the movie the figure released as part of that cycle did.  With the varied history of toys for this character I’d be interested to see what they settle on though I’d hope that they’d opt for the city version.

These were the thoughts that went though my head as I stared at the Facebook entry that Hasbro used for voting.  Being torn between these three options and not really knowing if this vote was going to be handled in such a way that we were just voting on the first of the three that would be release or if only one of the three would be released certainly factored into my final decision, which was not to vote at all.  I’ll be happy with whichever of the three wins the vote and is finally released but my true hope is that eventually all three of them get released.  I have no doubt that the TransFormers community would welcome that decision by opening their wallets.