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Voting for the next Titans Returns Toy

Yesterday was a very interesting day in the world of TransFormers.  Hasbro had announced that they were taking a fan vote on which should be the next Titan-class figure released as part of the Titans Return line after the Fortress Maximum figure they’ve previewed for February release as part of Titan Wars.  The three options, highlighted above, were Trypticon, Omega Supreme, and Scorponok. I did not vote in this poll though I certainly had the opportunity and didn’t feel that I was opening myself up to spam messages or the like.  The main reason I was unable to vote...

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Status of the Iron Kingdoms RPG

In September of 2012 Privateer Press relaunched the Iron Kingdoms RPG.  Instead of this RPG being based on the d20 system of years past it was heavily based on their own set of game mechanics heavily pulled from Warmachine and Hordes.  I had been looking forward greatly to the release of the book and was very excited to pick up the book that year.  I took some time and read through the book and was overall very pleased with the results.  The new system was reasonably easy to pick up from a rules perspective and feed heavily on the...

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Third Party TransFormers and BotCon

Earlier this year I went to my first BotCon since 1997 and I took my two sons with me as I figured they’d really enjoy the experience.  BotCon, for those that don’t know, is a Hasbro-sponsored TransFormers convention that takes place in different locations every year, usually during the summer.  This year is was in St. Charles which is a near Chicago which was well within driving range and since the boys are old enough I figured this would be a great first “boys only trip”. We arrived at the resort in St. Charles without incident and settled in. ...

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MP 25 – Masterpiece Tracks – Review

I’ve been a lover and collector of TransFormers for a long time now and I have a reasonably large collection but I’ve never taken the time to actually review a figure for others.  I’ve decided to change that today and the first thing I’ve learned is I have to get more practice taking pictures of figures with my digital camera.  The images included in this review aren’t the best but they should still help to get the point across. The figure I’m going to review today is from Takara and is a recent release.  I purchased it from HobbyLink...

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Fallout 4 First Impressions

I took the release day for Fallout 4 off as a vacation day in the hopes of getting a large chunk of time with the game.  I wanted to get into the game before the initial wave of guides and walkthroughs come out so that I could experience the Boston area with fresh eyes.  I really should know better by now.  The fact that I was watching the twin girls means that I essentially was able to squeeze in an hour of “extra” time into that effort while they were napping.  Honestly, for the gaming aspect of it, it probably...

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